Wiring Diagrams

2011 Wiring Diagram

Below is the original TR280i wiring diagram I scanned from my paper Owner's Manual and annotated shortly after I bought my first OSSA. It has served me well. The US OSSA importer even seemed to appreciate receiving a copy (that is how hard technical information was to come by in the early days). Note that the block marked CDI really should be called the ECU, even though it does contain CDI capabilities.

TR280i original wiring diagram annotated in English, left half

Original TR280i wiring diagram annotated in English, right half

2014 Wiring Diagram

The 2014 wiring diagram is slightly different - especially in the area of the diagnostic connector (new-style 6-pin versus old-style 4-pin). It also shows the map switch and an unused oil pump.

2014 wiring harness PN 1100030214.pdf

Wiring Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet below contains a lot of useful information such as:

  • Wire color codes translated from Spanish to English

  • ECU pinout

  • Easy-Start Connections

  • Connector identifiers (circled numbers) on the original TR280i wiring diagram

2011 OSSA Wiring.ods