Trail Tech Display

This section was added when an Explorer owner contacted me after having difficulty starting his bike.  Investigation with K-Scan revealed the coolant temperature was stuck at 55° C.  Unplugging the Trail Tech display cured the problem. 

Note that I've never owned an Explorer and don't have access to a display for analysis.  

The Explorer parts book lists the display as TRAILTECH MULTIFUNCTION, part number 6000030211.  It had a US retail price of $125 back in 2013.  The display has four types of inputs from the motorcycle.

Power Input:  2-position connector.  To the nominal 12VDC power source. 

Speed Input: 2-position connector.  To a sensor that closes a switch once per front wheel rotation. 

Temperature Input: 4-position connector.  In parallel with the coolant temperature sensor. 

Tachometer Input: 2-position connector.  In parallel with the ignition coil primary.

Although the OSSA display looks quite similar to Trail Tech's standard “Vapor” display, I suspect they are not interchangeable.  

Compatibility seems unlikely because the ignition coil primary drive (-350 volt spikes) goes directly into the OSSA display.   Whereas the standard Trail Tech tachometer is inductively coupled to the spark plug wire. 

I also measured a Trail Tech under-sparkplug temperature sensor as 142k ohms at 62° F (16.6° C).   Whereas the OSSA's coolant sensor is about 2850 ohms at that temperature.

An email to Apex Product Group (who now provides sales and tech support for Trail Tech) regarding this matter went unanswered.