Ohlins TTX Shock

Öhlins TTX Shock

The Öhlins shock is one of the things that impressed me about the OSSAs.  They are adjustable for rebound and compression damping. 

You will need a spring compressor (or 6 to 10 hefty zip-ties) to remove the spring.

Öhlins USA will rebuild these shocks for a reasonable fee (about $180 in 2018).

OSSA said that one of the changes in 2013 was a different bottoming cone.  The part number on the spring changed as well.

The spring on my 2011 bike is black, P/N 00281-09.  It has a 46mm OD and is 125mm long.  It is progressive with a rate of 64 – 78 kg/mm.

The spring on my 2014 bike is yellow, P/N 00281-64/65 L2711.

SplatShop in the UK sells a variety of genuine Öhlins and aftermarket springs.